Friday, June 19, 2009


Jenny: Hi, Lorhainne. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

Lorhainne: My name is Lorhainne Eckhart. I am a mother of three young children. I love nature, the peaceful countryside and working in my garden. I relish the challenge of home renovations and landscaping. That’s when I’m not busy being a mom and writing.

I am currently polishing up my third novel, which will be a first in a series.

Jenny: What inspired you to write your first romance?

Lorhainne: I love to read everything. My first love is romance novels. It is the desire for a happy ending. But I always had my own stories popping up into my head. It was five years ago when I finally sat down to write my first novel.

Jenny: What's currently on your iPod/mp3 player/cd player?


My MP3 player, The way you look tonight, Elton John, just one of my favorites. But when I write, I prefer the peaceful quiet countryside, and leave the music for when I paint.

Jenny: Describe a typical (or non-typical) writing day?


I get up at about 4:30 – 5 am, and write for a few hours before getting the kids ready for school, then spend 3 – 4 hours while their at school writing. I have target of 2000 words a day, some days I meet this in 3 hours, I love those days. I do not write at night.

Jenny: What's the one question no one ever asks that you wish they would?

Lorhainne: What inspires you to keep writing? My answer would be. A desire to pass on some life lesson I have learned in a premise of a story.

Jenny: What's your favorite setting from one of your novels?

Lorhainne: Right now, that would be aboard the US Navy Destroyer, in The Captain’s Lady, that was stationed in the Persian Gulf.

Jenny: What do you think makes the ideal heroine/hero?

Lorhainne: Ah, the ideal hero is most definate a man who knows he is a man. That was confusing. What I mean is, he alone takes a stand for the innocent, fights an injustice. Is not selfish, but understanding. Is faithful and loves his lady with his whole heart. Stepping in to fix his ladies problems. Takes care of the bad guy all the while protecting his lady.

Jenny: What are you working on at the moment?


My current WIP is a romantic suspense with paranormal elements. No not a vampire or wearwolf. But an undercover DEA officer who meets a psychic who got involved with the wrong group of friends, running a Marijuana Grow op. The working title Walk the Right Road – Jerome’s Story.

Jenny: Which comes first--the plot or the characters?


The idea comes to me of the premise of a story. As I begin to write the story the characters and plot unfold.

Jenny: Any new releases coming up?


My second Novel, The Forgotten Child, is currently under review by a publisher.

See more Lorhainne at her website,

Read on for Lorhainne's newest release, The Captain's Lady....

“We have no reports of a ship in distress

in the area, Captain.”

“What about fishing boats?”

“No, sir, no reports.”

Looking once more at his first officer, Eric

issued curt orders, the harshness grating in his

voice. “Send a rescue team to check it out.”

Handing the binoculars off to one of the crew

members, he strode with determination off the

bridge, heading directly to the ship’s launch. His

well-trained crew scurried about. Joe appeared at

his side and they watched from the rail as the

small rigid hull sped off in the direction of the

dinghy. His pulse rose and the dampness on his

back soaked through his short-sleeved shirt.

“So what do you think?” Joe leaned on the

rail, uncertainty clear in the crinkle of his brows.

“Don’t know, dammit.” Eric focused on the

scene unfolding in the distance. Again he

commandeered the binoculars from Joe and

scrutinized the three-man team approaching,

then securing the boat to the dinghy.

His senses were keen; over the years, he’d

learned to trust them. The uneasiness that crept

its way into his gut, the hairs now standing up on

the back of his neck and the racing of his heart;

this unshakable feeling was telling him that

things were about to change—drastically.

Puzzled, he felt the mounting frustration build

inside, along with something else he could not

quite put his finger on. Shaking his head, he

realized it was not a feeling of dread.

The crackle of the radio interrupted his

speculation. A voice from the rescue team came

over the line. “There’s someone in here, a woman,

and she’s in bad shape.”


Lorhainne Eckhart began her writing career five years ago. What inspired her to start writing was a lifelong love for stories. She read everything and naturally had the ability to create vivid characters, drawing on the experiences of friends, family and acquaintances around her.

When her children started school she sat down to write her first novel. The story unfolded and four years later The Wild Rose Press published her first novel, The Captain's Lady. She continued to write during her search for publication and is currently at work on her third novel.

Lorhainne has a passion for the outdoors, her extensive gardens and preserving nature. Lorhainne Eckhart and her family enjoy living in the peaceful countryside on Vancouver Island.


  1. I am impressed by Lorhainne's writing habits. 2000 words a day! The Captain's Lady should land in my mail box next week. I'm looking forward to reading it, the excerpt was a real hook.

  2. Hi Lorhainne...I wish I could get 2000 words done a day. You inspire me! Thanks for the interview, Jenny.