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Jenny: Hi, Keta. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.


Hello, Jenny, and thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. I'm happy to be here. I live in the Midwest part of the country on six acres of beautiful woodland. I have the perfect setting to sneak off into the woods with pen and notebook in hand and write to my heart's content. When I'm not writing, I'm either gardening or reading.

Jenny: What inspired you to write your first romance?

I started writing sensual romance historicals about six years ago and have always loved the genre. When erotica burst onto the scene, my stories became a little spicier and then a little more spicier. Now I'm writing historical and fantasy erotica for several publishers and gay fiction for two others.

Jenny: What's currently on your iPod/mp3 player/cd player?

Right now, ABBA; this morning Chris Isaak and Sarah McLachlan.

Jenny: Describe a typical (or non-typical) writing day?

Most all my days are work days now since I write for five (or is it six) publishers. I'm a night owl and was even before I became an author. This works out well for me. Most of the time, I'm up late at night, grab about five hours of sleep and then I'm back at it until dinner time. I do take a break for lunch, and either take a walk outside or just sit on the deck and read for a while to get away from the story I'm working on.

Jenny: What's the one question no one ever asks that you wish they would?

I wish they'd ask me about the marketing/promoting. I know, boring subject. Many people think you just write a book and sit back and reap the benefits, and that's not the case. Writing the books is only part of the equation. There's just as much time spent marketing and promoting after its release. And today, with all the social networking groups, nings, and yahoo groups, it's a neverending job to get your name out there.

Jenny: What's your favorite setting from one of your novels?

I love writing about the Civil War. I've always been a history buff, but this particular era fascinates me because of the extreme change in lifestyles for the people in the South. In my novel Land of Falling Stars, the heroine goes through immense changes from pre-war to almost the end of the war. Her life was altered drastically and many traumatic incidents changed her outlook on life. She's a controversial character and some reviewers, although they gave the book high marks, commented about her childish/spolied attitude in the novel. I think it's hard for us to imagine living under the conditions that many Southern women did, and we don't know how we'd react to such life-altering changes. Sophia was a pampered, spoiled brat before the war and clearly had a difficult time adjusting. Thankfully, she redeemed herself at the end.

Jenny: What do you think makes the idea heroine/hero?

I've always said in order for me to fall in love with the hero, he has to possess two things; an immense love for his woman and a sense of humor. Of course, being handsome and fearless doesn't hurt either. I don't like wimpy/whiny heroines, or those portrayed as TSTL (too stupid to live). While many heroines today are just as strong emotionally and sometimes physically as their counterparts, occasionally I still see the weak, spineless heroines written.

Jenny: What are you working on at the moment?

Another Civil War historical/erotica. Several novellas in the gay fiction genre, and a pirate story. Let's see, and then there's a novella length story which would fall under paranormal and . . . I'm sure I've forgotten something. Usually, I'm working on several projects at the same time.

Jenny: Which comes first--the plot or the characters?

For me, it's the characters. You can have the best story, but if you can't get readers to fall in love with your hero and heroine, you're in trouble. I just finished a book (names withheld to protect the innocent) and the writing was actually quite good. I didn't relate to the hero and thought the heroine also seemed rather bland. The plot was fine, but in the end, I couldn't remember much about either of them. It was an erotica historical too, the genre I love to read.

Jenny: Any new releases coming up?

Yes, thank you for asking. I have three releases this month (June). Crossroads Revisited, the second novella in the Crossroads series being released by Phaze. This is a gay fiction story.

Carnal Cravings due out June 27th through Dark Roast Press, another gay fiction.

The Sin Eater's Prince, a short story in Cecilia Tan's Vampire Anthology through Ravenous Romance.

I have several coming out in September after that.

Read on for an excerpt from Keta's novel, Crossroads Revisited.....

Private Investigator, Frank McGuire tracks down another serial killer, but this time it's personal. Real personal. The maniac has killed five young college students and Rand Brennan is his next target. That pisses Frank off.

Unlocking the door to the townhouse, Rand walked in and glanced around the familiar setting. God, how he’d missed it. Missed Frank. He walked into the bedroom and rifled through the dresser drawers until he found what he searched for. He slipped the black hood over his face and peered into the mirror above the dresser. A perfect match to the black sweatshirt and matching jeans he’d donned before leaving his mother’s house.

Next, he walked to the nightstand and retrieved the Glock. Memories of performing the same routine from his childhood flooded him. How many times had he snuck into his parents’ room, pulled his father’s gun from the drawer and held it?

He checked it for ammo and breathed a sigh of relief it wasn’t loaded. Not certain how to eject the bullets, his plan would all be for naught if it had been. Frank didn’t have to know it wasn’t loaded. Maybe he’d forget he’d taken the bullets out.

Now all he had to do was hide in an inconspicuous location. He knew Frank’s routine well. He’d come home, drop his briefcase onto the kitchen counter, pour a shot of Jack Daniels and head for his bedroom to change.

Rand snuck into the closet and hunkered down. He couldn’t help but laugh at the perverse irony. Finally, he was ready to come out of the closet . . . in more ways than one.

Less than thirty minutes later, the front door opened. Rand held his breath. The door closed and he heard the briefcase meet the counter. The liquor cabinet door groaned and glasses clanked. Yep, Frank was after the Jack Daniels.

Footsteps echoed softly down the carpeting in the hallway. Soon, Frank would step into the bedroom, glass of whisky in hand and plop onto the bed to read the newspaper.

Dusk had settled over the land. Rand couldn’t have picked a better time of day for his little charade. He peered through the slats in the closet. Uh-huh, just as predicted. Frank almost flopped onto the bed after setting his drink on the nightstand, then picked up the newspaper and scanned the first page. By the time the closet door squeaked open, Frank was already reaching for the Glock in the nightstand.

“Too late,” Rand said.

Frank jerked his body around and put his hand to chest. “Rand? Jesus, why don’t you just order a lightning bolt to strike me dead?”

“Too quick of a death for a cold-hearted bastard like you.”

“Put the gun down, Rand. This isn’t funny.”

Rand smiled beneath the hood. He really looked scared shitless. “I’m calling the shots here, McGuire.”

Rand, you’re pissing me off. Stop pointing that fucking gun at my chest.”

“Take everything off from the waist down.”

“Have you lost your fucking mind?”


“Why in hell would I take my pants off?

To draw out his anxiety over the loaded gun, Rand walked over to him at a foot-dragging pace. He grabbed a lock of his long hair. “Do I look like I have to explain things to you? I’m the one with the gun now in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“You’re messing with fire. You don’t know the first thing about guns, and didn’t your father ever tell you not to point it anyone, loaded or not?”

“He did,” he said with an air of cockiness. “Apparently I didn’t heed his warnings. Now, you going to drop those jeans or do I have to rip them from your body?”

“What the―”

“I’m going to start counting, and for every second you hesitate, I’m going to give you a lash from my belt.”

“You’re not wearing a belt,” Frank said with a smile.

Rand looked down at his black jeans. “I’ll use yours, now fucking drop ’em. One . . . two . . . three . . . .”

“All right, you little bastard. How you going to get away from me when this sick little game is over? I’m ten times faster than you, and I don’t take kindly to anyone pointing a loaded gun at my body.”

“Do what I say so I don’t get nervous and blow your brains out. Four . . . five . . . .”

“Okay, okay.” Frank unzipped his jeans and slid them down his hips.

Rand licked his lips and the gun wobbled in his hands.


Keta Diablo writes erotica historical and fantasy for Ravenous Romance and Noble Romance. She also writes gay fiction for Dark Roast Press, Phaze and Noble Romance. If you'd like to know more about my books or what I have coming out in the future, you can find me on the Internet at these addresses.

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